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Original Task Post:

Pet Sitting

Posted: 01/14/2016 by Nathan F

Task Description: We will be travelling from Jan 15-17- leaving in the afternoon on Jan 15   I need someone to come once per day to    a) Feed the lab (Libby) - she lives outside, one bowl of food plus 2 bowls of water.  Make sure pail of water also is filled. a2) Feed Kensington- bulldog puppy 2 times per day and take her outside. She will be in the kitchen during the day. Leash is by back door. Cleanup her messes. Put her in her kennel at night. b) Bring any newspapers delivered on the driveway into the house c) Water plants around the house d) Report if anything unusual is going on    

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01/14/2016 5:00pm

01/15/2016 8:00am

Celina, TX

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