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Dog Walking Service

Dog Walking Service in Denver & Boulder, CO

Dog Walking Service in Denver & Boulder, CO

No time to walk your dog? Find a local dog lover to walk your dog when you can’t whether it’s a one-time event or a couple times a week. You’ll feel better knowing your dog is getting some attention and exercise and your dog will appreciate it as well! FlipTask has tons of experienced dog walking task runners to choose from in Boulder, Denver and the surrounding areas.

When you post your dog walking task, let the potential runners know the details about your dog and his routine. Your dog’s type, size, age, likes, and dislikes are all good things to mention to prepare the runner who will be doing the dog walking. You should also state whether your dog can go on hikes and his temperament around other dogs (some dog walkers may bring their own dog on the walk or walk other dogs too). It’s not unusual to request to meet your dog walker in person before handing over your dog.

After you’ve selected a dog-loving task runner, contact them and make any final schedule arrangements. You can then meet your dog walker if you requested that, then your dog is ready to go! Paying your dog walker is easy with Balanced, the service we use for secure payments.

How to Set Up Dog Walking in Boulder & Denver with FlipTask

  • Post the dog walking task
  • Receive bids from dog walkers nearby
  • Choose a dog walker
  • Arrange a time to meet/time for dog walking
  • Pay your runner