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Event Planning & Clean Up

Event Planning & Clean Up in Denver & Boulder, CO<

Event Planning & Clean Up in Denver & Boulder, CO

Some people are planners. Others are not. If you’re in the “not” category, then you’re in the right place. You can post your event planning or event clean up task to find someone in the Boulder or Denver area to do it. No matter the size or type of event - wedding, birthday party, business lunch, you can find someone to plan the event from start to finish or just help with part, like making initial phone calls to check prices or for post-event clean up.

To get started with FlipTask, register if you haven’t already, and then post your task. When posting the task describe the event and how the task runner will be involved, whether they will be needed before, during, or after the event and any deadlines to meet before the event. The more clear your expectations, the better.

After your task has been posted you’ll soon receive bids from runners who are interested in helping you plan or clean up your event. The runner’s reviews and past experience can help you decide on a good fit. Once you’ve made your decision, make contact with the runner and make the necessary arrangements: meet before the event if planning is required or give him or her details about when and where to be for the day of the event.

Plan an Event with FlipTask!

  • Post the task with a clear description of the event
  • Receive and review bids from task runners nearby
  • Choose a runner
  • If necessary, schedule a time and date to meet before the event
  • Pay your runner