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Grocery Delivery Service in Denver & Boulder, CO

Grocery Delivery Service in Denver & Boulder, CO

Sick? Broken Leg? Or just don’t feel like going to the grocery store? Find a task runner to go to the store and deliver your groceries to you!

How It Works:

  1. Send your grocery list to your task runner (Email or Text Message)
  2. Runner goes to the store to pick up your items (Saves receipt for reimbursement)
  3. Runner delivers your groceries
  4. Reimburse runner for groceries and task completion

Using grocery delivery is also great for reducing costly impulse buys and saving time. Incorporate it into your routine on a regular basis or only when you need it. You could even arrange grocery delivery for elderly relatives or friends.

We recommend providing as many details as possible on your grocery list like quantities, amounts, particular brands, and product specifics (i.e. “Sugar Free”, “No Salt Added” “2% Organic”) etc., so potential runners know exactly what you need.

For grocery shopping tasks, we recommend the runner pays out of their own pocket and then show you the receipt upon delivery. If you are not around then requesting a text picture of the receipt could be another option. This way you can see exactly what was bought and how much it cost.

When you are paying your runner we offer a reimbursement section so you can pay your runner back for any money they spent in addition to the price you were willing to pay for the completed task.