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How does FlipTask work?

The FlipTask community is comprised of two types of people: Task Posters and Task Runners. A Task Poster is a community member who has a need—a yard mowed, a website built, a dog walked—while a Task Runner is a community member who has the time and the skill set necessary to help Task Posters with their needs.

To request the fulfillment of a task, a Task Poster fills out a short and simple form describing the type of work that needs completing, sets a starting price for the job, and establishes a time period during which he/she will accept bids for the job’s completion.

During the bidding window, Task Runners bid on the open tasks for which they are qualified. Once the bidding window closes, the Task Poster has two options:

  1. Allow FlipTask to automatically select the individual Task Runner who placed the lowest bid on the task
  2. The Task Poster may personally select the Task Runner he/she feels is most qualified for the job from the pool of bidders.

Payment is made only once the Task Runner is chosen and the job is completed to the Task Poster’s satisfaction.

Is FlipTask safe?

FlipTask strives to create a safe online marketplace environment.

To further ensure safety, Task Runners have the option of completing a background check to increase their rates of selection and to add an extra layer of trust to their public profiles.

Task Posters can look for the background check certified badge, appearing next to a Task Runner’s name. We also encourage Task Posters to read and write Runner ratings and reviews to keep our Runners honest and better guarantee that they perform their very best work.

We try our best to ensure the safety and reliability of FlipTask, but please always use common sense when posting or accepting tasks.

Need help signing up?

Click the orange Sign Up button on the Homepage and fill out all required information fields {first and last name, working email address, username, and password}

Your username must be a minimum length of 3 characters. Letters and numbers only—no special characters.

Once you've filled in all your correct information, click Join Now, and FlipTask will send you a confirmation email. If you do not see your confirmation email in your primary mailbox, make sure to check your spam or junk folder and then place FlipTask on your safe list.

What tasks can I post?

Our talented Task Runners are more than capable of helping with an array of tasks from yard work to moving help to tutoring to building a website for your new business. FlipTask has organized the types of tasks we see posted most frequently into a number of categories to make it easier for Task Posters to find the most qualified Runners. However, if you have a task that doesn’t quite fit into one of our categories, post it anyway! Our Task Runners are constantly surprising us with the new and unique ways they’ve managed to help other members of the community.

How are Task Runners hired?

There are two possible ways to hire a Task Runner:

1. Let FlipTask automatically choose the Runner who places the lowest bid on the task.


2. Select the Runner of your choice after your task bidding window closes. In order to select the best Runner for the job, you can check Runner ratings and reviews and, if you choose, look to see if your bidders have passed background checks.

Once you’ve made your choice, click on the blue “Select” button next to the Runner’s bid amount. Confirm your Runner choice by filling in your payment information and clicking “Hire Runner”. It’s simple!

How does the payment process work?

Poster: Payment is not required until your Task Runner completes the task to your satisfaction. Once completed, you mark the task as complete on the website and pay your Task Runner via our secure payment processors: Stripe or PayPal. Your credit/debit card information will be stored safely and securely on their servers. The Task Runner may also mark the task as complete. In the event that you forget to mark the task as complete, FlipTask will automatically deduct funds from your account 3 business days after the Runner has marked the task as complete.

Runner: Depending on how you choose to receive payment, funds from your Task Poster will be deposited either into your PayPal account or your personal account. Once both you and your Task Poster have marked the task as complete, you will receive an email notifying you of your payment. Once you mark the task as complete, your Task Poster has 3 days to pay you before funds are automatically deducted from their account and transferred into yours.

New! Basic and Pro users can now pay with cash.

*both the Task Poster and the Task Runner must be a Basic or Pro user in order to make/receive cash payments

How do I post hourly tasks?

When posting a task, there is an option available that will allow you to make your task hourly.

Do I need a PayPal account in order to use FlipTask?

Not anymore! In addition to PayPal, FlipTask now accepts debit/credit card transactions using Stripe, making it faster and easier to post your task and pay your Runner!

New! Pro and Basic users can now pay and receive payment in cash!

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment company that securely and safely processes debit/credit card transactions and direct deposits; all of your personal bank and credit/debit card information is stored securely on their servers.

How do I pay my Runner using Stripe or PayPal?

Stripe: Hiring a Runner using Stripe is easy; simply enter your debit/credit card information and click the Hire button.

PayPal: You can use a preexisting PayPal account to pay your Runner or create a PayPal account for free if you don’t already have one at: www.PayPal.com

Do you let me know if a Task Runner places a bid?

Yes. Posters receive email and/or text notifications immediately when Runners bid on their tasks. After the bidding window closes, if the Poster has decided to personally choose a Runner, he/she will be prompted to make a selection. Otherwise, FlipTask will notify the Runner who placed the lowest bid on the task

What if I need a Runner to pay for something as part of the task?

For tasks such as grocery shopping, we recommend that the Runner pay out of pocket, keeping the receipt to verify the cost with his/her Task Poster. Texted pictures of the receipt are also a good option if the Task Poster isn’t around. FlipTask also provides a reimbursement section which Task Posters can utilize to ensure that Task Runners are fully compensated.
For every task, FlipTask recommends that our Task Posters provide as many details as possible so that a Task Runner knows when he/she will be required to pay for something out of pocket, come prepared with tools, etc.

My task expired after I received bids, now what do I do?

You can still hire anyone who has bid on your task after it expires. When your task expires it just prevents other Task Runners from placing new bids on your task.

Follow these steps to hire a task runner once your task expires:

  1. Click the My FlipTask tab at the top of your screen.
  2. Click My Finished/Expired Tasks
  3. Find your task and click on the title
  4. Select your Task Runner
  5. Enter your payment information (you will not be charged until your task is completed)
  6. Hire Your Task Runner

How do Posters and Runners communicate?

Upon selection, individual Task Runner information is made available to the Task Poster. When a Runner is chosen, he/she also receives the Task Poster’s information. Task Runners should be sure to check the "Task Details" page for any special instructions the Task Poster may have sent.

What are special instructions and who sees them?

A Task Poster has the option of entering special instructions when he/she posts a task, which are disclosed only to the individual Task Runner who is selected to complete the posted task.

Why did no one bid on my task?

There are a few possible reasons why your task didn’t receive any bids:

1. The price you listed could be too low for the amount of work required

2. Your task title was unclear or not incentivizing

3. Your task description lacked sufficient detail

4. Your task was not listed for long enough.

We recommend listing a detailed description of your task along with an optional picture so that Task Runners know exactly who you are and what you’re looking for. Remember, it’s free to post and re-post your task as frequently and as often as you would like!

How does FlipTask protect my privacy?

We protect your privacy in a few different ways.

1. We hide your physical location on the Task Map, displaying only your area as encompassed by the blue radius circle

2. We protect your credit and debit card information by allowing Stripe and PayPal’s processing servers to store it safely and securely

3. We only display your first name and last initial on the website

4. We only share your email address, physical address, or phone number with the Task Runner who is selected to complete your task.

Please help us protect your privacy; do not enter any contact information into the task description field.

Are background checks mandatory?

No. Although they are recommended, Task Runner background checks are not required for participation on FlipTask.com. However, Runners who have passed background checks are more likely to be selected by our Task Posters thanks to the extra layer of safety and security.

Who conducts the background checks for Runners and how do I start the process?

All Task Runners who elect to receive a background check will be directed to Sterling Infosystems, Inc. To begin the process, go to “My FlipTask” and click on "Background Check" under the "Payments" sub-heading.

Sterling Infosystems, Inc., founded in 1975, is the global leader in background screening services. Sterling’s services include employment screening, corporate due diligence, background investigation services, occupational health services and more. Known for its industry leading turn-around-times, customer service and expertise in customizing solutions for industry specific needs, Sterling has over 16,000 customers, including 25% of the Fortune 100. For more information, visit www.sterlinginfosystems.com

What if my task doesn’t fit into one of the pre-made categories?

If you don’t see a category that sufficiently describes your task, post it under “General Help”.

Next, if you think we ought to add your task to the list of categories, let us know what we’re missing by choosing “I’d like to request a task” on our "Contact Us" form. We are always receiving new task requests and we need your help representing all the tasks needed in your local community!

How do I bid on a task as a Runner?

There are two ways for Runners to bid on tasks:

Online: Sign into your online FlipTask account, click on the “Search Tasks” button, and then click on any and all of the available tasks to place a bid.

SMS Text: If you’ve chosen to receive text message alerts concerning tasks in your area, you can bid for tasks by replying to task alerts via SMS text messaging.

It really is that easy!

How do I create a Task Runner "About Me Profile" and why should I have one?

The “About Me” page is a very important component of a Task Runner’s profile; it displays Runner ratings, reviews from past Posters, and allows Task Posters to advertise themselves, their talents, and their skills. Task Runners can even customize their profiles by adding pictures and uploading a resume.
*Task Posters can view all Runner profiles so it is important to advertise appropriately.

Is FlipTask customizable?

Of course! We know not all of our users are the same. Your “Edit Profile” page allows you to customize how FlipTask works for you. Choose the types of tasks you want to be notified about, your method for receiving task notifications, your "About Me Profile", and more!

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