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  • Let's face it

    We never have enough time to do what we need and what we want. The day is usually filled with work and cluttered with errands. At FlipTask it's our mission to eliminate mundane tasks and errands to alleviate your work load while providing you with the free time you deserve to do what you love.

  • An easy, friendly and professional service

    Post a task and watch as bids from potential runners come in. Who knows, someone might ask to complete your task for less than your initial offer! Choose your qualified runner and feel confident in his/her task completion. If you need someone to deliver a package to the post office we have a runner for that! If you need a ride to or from the airport we have runner for that! If you need someone to pick up items from your grocery list, we have that covered too! You'll start to save time and live happy.

  • Running for you

    Runner is a short way to say the friendly, enthusiastic, local individuals who complete tasks. Runners are notified of tasks in their area and then bid on the tasks they are qualified to complete. Posters then select the ideal runner for their individual task or let FlipTask automatically choose one for them. Only after full completion of the task will the runner receive payment. This is to ensure you get what you pay for.

  • Running for a task

    Runners are the backbone of FlipTask. Once signed up you will be notified of any tasks in the area for which you qualify. From here you can place a bid of how much you charge for the particular task. It might get competitive from time to time so make sure you bid wisely. Once you selected, you will be notified immediately via text or e-mail. It is up to you to complete the task according to the description and requirements provided by the poster. When you have completed the task the Task Poster can send your payment directly into your personal account immediately.

  • Safety is our concern

    At FlipTask we strive to create a safe marketplace environment. As a runner you have the option of completing a background check as an added way to increase your rate of selection. As a poster you are free to see if runners have passed a background check by looking for the background check certified badge next to a runner's name. In addition you can read and then write runner ratings and reviews so that you can be sure they are top notch! We try our best to ensure the safety and reliability of FlipTask and we want everyone to have a good time, but please always use common sense when posting or accepting a task.

  • It's free to post

    There are lots of people waiting to bid on your tasks and errands so why not post one today?

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