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Marketplace Rules

Marketplace Rules

FlipTask was built to help out the community you live in and we want to continue doing this in a productive and positive manner. To make the FlipTask marketplace the best it can be we have listed a couple rules, guidelines and helpful tips to follow before running a task or posting a task.

  • Do not accept cash or check unless it is for a reimbursement or a tip. Pro and Basic account holders may accept cash payments if cash is an available payment option when bidding. Our payment system is designed to make sure you are getting all the money you deserve. By accepting payment through FlipTask you will stop double payments and possible fraud leaving both parties happy.
  • Do not use FlipTask to find or screen runners and hire them off site. We have worked hard to create this website and showcase local professionals who can help you. By hiring task runners through FlipTask you are not only supporting and funding FlipTask.com but you're also helping your local community. Hiring our runners off site will result in a ban from using FlipTask.com.
  • Do not post a task offering your services. We are excited that you want to help others in your community however you must do so by bidding on tasks that are already posted. You can list the types of services and skills you offer within your profile. Your profile is available to anyone and can also be viewed when you place a bid on a task that is posted.
  • Do not bid on a task with an hourly rate unless the Task Poster has selected to pay by the hour. To determine if the task is hourly you must look at the Task Details. Non hourly bids should include the time the task takes, distance traveled, and what is involved in completing the task.
To help you determine an appropriate bid look at the task details:
  1. Estimated Time – the amount of time the poster believes the task will take.
  2. Task Location 
  3. Task Description

Example: If you would normally charge $20 per hour and the estimated time is 3 hours to complete your bid should be $60.
Likewise, if you charge $20 per hour and the estimated task time is 45 minutes to complete your bid would be $15

The 3 P’s

  • Be punctual when arriving to complete a task. Arriving on time will increase your chances of a good review and others will be likely to hire you.
  • Be professional when completing tasks for others. People like professionalism and are more likely to hire runners who have shown this in the past.
  • Be prepared to do the task per the exact task requirements. Bring the appropriate materials and experience with you. Showing up unprepared for a task will cause a delay, look unprofessional, and possibly result in a lower rating.