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House Cleaning

House Cleaning Service in Denver & Boulder, CO

House Cleaning Service in Denver & Boulder, CO

Having a party and need to clean your house but too many things on your to-do list? Need someone to do house cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis? Need a deep clean but don’t want to do it? For whatever the reason, we have task runners ready to do some house cleaning!

When posting your task, we recommend stating a very specific description of the work. The more details you put about the scope the better. So, for example, the estimated amount of time to finish, which rooms and how many, whether you have all the cleaning supplies yourself or if the runner needs to get them and be reimbursed by you.

Once a runner has been selected for the house cleaning task:

  1. Schedule a day and time for the cleaning to be done
  2. Runner comes to your home to clean house
  3. Pay runner when task is completed (When paying your runner we offer a reimbursement section so you can pay your runner back for any money they spent in addition to the price you were willing to pay for the completed task.)