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Professional Organizing Service in Denver & Boulder, CO

Professional Organizing Service in Denver & Boulder, CO

You know you’ve got a problem when you can’t see the floor through the clutter! Just looking at the mess is overwhelming, so it continues to build and build, spilling into the next room. But wait! We have task runners who enjoy tackling extreme clutter and actually get satisfaction out of it. Your messy room, garage, or office could soon be clutter-free, organized and livable. We’ve even had some people organize messy cars and entire houses – pretty much any space in need of organization.

To get started, register with FlipTask if you haven’t already and then post your task. When posting the task’s description, list which room(s) needs to be organized, the estimated time it will take and if there will be any heavy lifting involved. To make things even easier, you could have the runner drop off items that come out of the purge at the thrift store or the dump.

After your task has been posted you’ll soon receive bids from runners who are interested in your organizing task. You can base your decision on the runner’s reviews or past experience. Once you’ve made your decision, make contact with the runner and schedule a time that works for you both. The professional organizer will de-clutter, re-arrange, and re-think your space so things stay organized.

Get Organized with FlipTask!

  • Post the task with a clear description of organizing needs
  • Receive and review bids from professional organizers nearby
  • Choose an organizer
  • Schedule a time and date to tackle the mess
  • Pay your runner