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Yard Work

Yard Work in Denver & Boulder, CO

Yard Work in Denver & Boulder, CO

Does that lawn seem never-ending? Are the weeds taking over? Do you have mounds of leaves just waiting to be raked? The longer you wait, the worse it gets and the less you want to do it yourself. We know how it is. But there’s a hardworking, experienced Task Runner nearby who would do that for you. Find a Task Runner on FlipTask to do your yard work!

Posting a Yard Work Task on FlipTask

Just post your task being sure to include all the little details, like what specific yard work needs doing (mowing, raking, weeding, etc.), how long you think it will take, and how much you plan to pay once the yard work is done. Also, let the Task Runners know if you have all the tools and supplies they will need. If they need to pick something up, there is a reimbursement section at the time of payment for items like these.

The interested task runners will contact you with bids for the yard work and then you can decide on one based on their past experience and reviews. Once you’ve selected the runner, set up a day and time for them to come over and do the yard work. Show them the area that needs the work and where they can find the tools and supplies they’ll need. When it’s all done, pay your runner and don’t forget to review them!

  • Post detailed description of yard work to be done
  • Receive bids from runners
  • Choose a runner
  • Runner completes yard work
  • Pay runner & review them